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Optics Cuts / Milling

Old Republic Armaments is able to finely craft you any weapon or part of a weapon you want or need. Our gunsmithing services include repairs, modifications, restoration and custom builds. 

Our gunsmiths are extremely knowledgeable in metalworking, woodworking, parts fabrication and more. We are able to assemble and disassemble firearms, inspect and clean firearms, remove corrosion, repair damaged weapons, add custom or aftermarket parts, touch up engravings, fit barrels, etc.

To place your work order for Gunsmith work, click one of the options below.

Slide Cuts For Red Dot Optics


Customer is responsible for shipping to Old Republic Armaments and then for return shipping and insurance.



Return shipping will be collected upon completion of the project and prior to shipment


Slide Optics Cuts / Milling: $150.00

Optics Cuts / Milling Slide Cut

Optic Options:

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