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Stippling & Laser Engraving

Do you wish your firearms had a better grip to help stabilize and shoot better? Well, luckily we have mastered the art of Stippling. 

Stippling is a modification to the grips of your firearm that makes it more ‘grippy’. This process is accomplished by sanding off the original finish of your grip and then using an extremely hot soldering iron or laser to make tiny dots (sometimes other designs). 

The stippling of a firearm grip is a permanent modification that will last as long as your firearm, if you take care of it properly. Additionally, make sure you check the details of the warranty of your firearm before stippling any part of it as it may void the warranty.  

To place your work order for Laser Engraving and/or Stippling, click one of the options below



Customer is responsible for shipping to Old Republic Armaments and then for return shipping and insurance.



Return shipping will be collected upon completion of the project and prior to shipment


Laser Stippling:

Stippling Pistol Frames


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