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Duramag 5.56 30 RD Mag RED

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Duramag 5.56 30

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DURAMAG Speed™ magazines are a truly improved USGI magazine. These battle-proven magazines are lightweight, durable and have been the magazine of choice for OEM, Law Enforcement and Military units throughout the world since we began producing in 2011.

DURAMAG Speed™ bodies are constructed of 6061-T6 aluminum and are type-III hard-coat anodized. Unlike other magazines that use inferior coatings to color their USGI style magazines, our wide range of colors are part of the anodizing process and thus, a part of the metal. These magazines and are safe for extended storage while loaded and will not flex or swell like polymer. With our Progressive die tooling, Post and Hole™ design, and fully robotic welding, you can truly depend on these magazines to be consistent every time you buy them, guaranteed.


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